Breached Contracts

Contract Number: 1307462747 issued on June 7, 2011, 12:05 pm and became overdue for payment on June 14,2011

Company Name: Rhine Mineral Trading
Address: 117 Beique Road

City: Liu Zhou Guang Xi China Mainland
Contact: Jing Lu Peng
Telephone: 0031 0 102 460 966
Email: zmc wh@126 com

Shipping to Liu Zhou Iron and Steel Company located in TBD

Client ordered 150000 MTW of our material code Iron Ore-Mexico 64.5 for 1 months at a price of $ 145 USD to be unloaded in China - Zhanjiang
Client currently owes $ 21,750,000 USD from June 14,2011 which is a full breech of contract on the initial amount of $ 21,750,000 due on June 14,2011
Client has not made any attempt to settle this debt nor to make any payment thereon and is assumed to be financially insolvent.
Client has made the following comments related to this posting: