Breached Contracts

Contract Number: 1116331279 issued on May 17, 2005, 8:01 am and became overdue for payment on May 27,2005

Company Name: China Economic International Tending Co., Ltd.
Address: East 7th, Floor No 1, Binhe Roa,
Dongcheng Dist
City: Beijing, P.R. China
Contact: Mr Abudukerimu Wuxianer
Telephone: +86 10 84229192
Fax: +86 10 68373131

Shipping to China Economic International Tending Co., Ltd. located in Beijing, P.R. China

Client ordered 30000 MTW of our material code 50-65 for 12 months at a price of $ 192.00 USD to be unloaded in China - Tianjin
Client currently owes $ 69,120,000 USD from May 27,2005 which is a full breech of contract on the initial amount of $ 5,760,000 due on May 27,2005
Client has not made any attempt to settle this debt nor to make any payment thereon and is assumed to be financially insolvent.
Client has made the following comments related to this posting: